Clean Tech Energy Solutions are a unique type of investment based on improving overall building efficiency to dramatically reduce utility operating expenses and carbon emissions. The savings generated by implementing these solutions results in a measurable reduction of your utility bills which frees up cash flow to improve your bottom line. Financing can be a great method to pay for these capital expenditure improvements and result in an expedient Return On Investment with little or no money out of pocket.

EcoSense Tech will custom tailor a finance package based upon your specific solutions from top money center institutions and private equity groups.
Tax Incentives and Utility Rebates:

Federal EPAct legislation aka (IRS 179 D), was created to provide tax benefits to organizations that meet energy reduction levels based on approved criteria. The legislation focuses on 3 main areas: Lighting, HVAC and Building Envelope upgrades. Qualifying upgrades can receive a deduction of up to $1.80 per sq ft of your facility. Each area is eligible for up to a $0.60/sq ft deduction and you are allowed to qualify for one, two or all three at once or in different years.

Many utility companies also offer rebates to help pay for these projects. By working closely with utilities on their rebate programs, we help our clients design and implement energy solutions strategies that maximize these rebates.

There are many financial incentives at both the federal and state levels that are in place for businesses who are making the responsible choice of implementing energy efficient systems. There are also local incentives provided by the major utility companies. You can reap great benefits by taking advantage of the numerous tax credits, rebates and other financial incentives designed to encourage businesses to go Green thus creating ECO Green Cents.

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